Most things aren’t black and white. And nor are the arguments for vaccine mandates.

Reasons for vaccine mandates:

1. They protect others from Covid that you may transmit.
2. They are very safe.

I think the combination is a very good reason.

On (1), lets assume that vaccines do significantly impact the vaccinated persons ability to spread Covid. The degree to which this is true is not clear, but I feel a high probability there is some impact and for some people Covid is a real threat.

On (2), I believe they are very safe from the studies so far, and likely very safe long term. But we can’t be as sure about longer term because we just don’t…

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In Article 1, we saw the three types of data. We’re going to dig a little deeper into big data (data type 3), and come up with some core concepts to use when building your big data infrastructure.

What about Operational Data (data type 1)?

Operational data resides in RDBMS. There isn’t much to think about here for most organizations. Applications that keep the lights on are built using RDBMS, and there is no reason to rethink that. (CRM systems, HR systems, Customer facing applications, ERP/MES systems are all examples of such applications).

The conversation without big data

First, I want to motivate…

(Also how to be confident in test results for those that have the patience..)

AstraZeneca has 74% efficacy.

Pfizer has 95% efficacy.

Moderna has 93% efficacy.

What exactly does this mean? It is actually (I think) completely intuitive — not some math that the experts need to do.

I looked for the plain English version that my high school kids could understand. And I didn’t find one. …

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Electricity of the modern information age

  • What is “Big Data”?
  • Are our competitors using data and AI technologies and beating us?

The second industrial revolution was about replacing steam with electricity. But the puzzle in the initial years was the lack of productivity gains from the clearly superior technology!

Factories just replaced their steam driven machines with electricity. Until someone realized you could fundamentally alter the layout and the flow in a factory because unlike steam, electrical machines didn’t need to be all tied together, served by steam pipes.

Today’s businesses are going through the same changes in using technologies — except data is…

Series Home

Three types of data

In the first article of this series, we will look at 3 types of data that exist in the modern large organization.

  • Data Type 1 — Operating Data: This is the data that keeps everyday activities running. Customer accounts. Orders. Accounting books. Inventory.
  • Data Type 2 — Data Warehouse: When it’s time to make medium to long term decisions, this is the historical record that you will analyze for decision support.
  • Data Type 3 — Big Data: The internet economy gave birth to this new class of data. …

It’s about being anti fragile.

My instinct is to agree that the companies have come to a position of abusive dominance.

But even a little bit of economically uneducated (at least formally uneducated) thinking makes me realise how complex the issue is.

First, my immediate instinctive thinking on this.

We seem to be talking about a similar problem of a dominant platform/marketplace owner also competing with sellers on the platform/marketplace.

The dominance of the platform and sheer financial might of Amazon seems to make this inherently unfair.

Google (I love Google in general btw — I also worked at Google…

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